Joel Chaim Holtzman

Illustrator / Concept Artist


The Witch of Moab

Rumoured to live in the deserts of the Levant is the Great Witch of Moab. She is a hermit sorceress born in the land of Moab, where she was thaught to wield infernal powers only a few mastered over the course of centuries. Many in the Levantine cities whisper that decades ago, this sorceress was one of the many concubines of Great King Solomon himself, teaching him the dark arts previously forbidden and neglected before his rise to power. After his death, the witch, seemingly fulfilling her goal, retreated into the mountainous deserts of her birthplace in Moab. Doubts persist about these tales and the identity of the woman, since those who saw the her, mentioned she did not age a wrinkle throughout the decades.

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